Dw3ll3r’s Forum Launch!

Hey all! Thanks for dropping by. I’m excited to launch my new forum here on my personal website. It can be accessed at: https://dw3113r.com/forum

It’s still in its infancy, but I decided to go ahead and launch it so we can get the ball rolling.

I know, there are hundreds of forums, discords, and sub-Reddits out there for hacking. But the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that there’s really no central location to discuss anything and everything related to hacking in dedicated categories and sub-forums.

Take r/OSCP on Reddit, for example. I recently became an active member over there and noticed that there are tons of posts on there not necessarily related to OSCP, but more just general pentesting questions. Or take the forums on HackTheBox as another example. It’s littered with general pentesting questions that — while may kind of pertain to hacking — don’t necessarily apply directly to HackTheBox.

So, that’s the goal for my new forum. I want it to be THE central hub for EVERYONE that enjoys hacking/pentesting/CTFs/Bug Bounties/etc.. At the moment I only have a general over-arching category, and the forum itself isn’t all too pretty but in the very near future I plan to expand the categories to anything anyone can think of that they’d like to talk about.

Some bigger general categories include:

  • Study Buddies — Chat with others and find study buddies in your time zone you can practice hacking with.
  • Cert Prep — Post questions, references, resources, comments, etc. about whatever cert it is that you’re going through or aspiring to get. I only ask that you don’t post any exam help or anything that’ll break the rules of the specific vendor.
  • Career/Life Advice — Want to ask a professional pentester what it’s actually like to pentest for a living? Need help with your resume? Work for a pentesting company and have some job opening you think people on this forum would be interested in? Not sure what your next steps are in life? Talk about all of that here.
  • CTFs — Want to assemble a CTF team? Are you excited about a new CTF that starts next week and just want to talk about it with others that share the same interest? Want to participate in your first CTF but you’re not quite sure how to start? Here’s the place to talk about it.
  • HTB/THM/PG/VulnHub/etc. — Have questions about machines on any hacking site? Not sure how to start? Want to ask questions about which service people would choose if they could only choose one, and why? This is your place. I only ask that you don’t break any community guidelines and post info about active boxes or anything else that may be a no-no.
  • Shoot The Shit (STS) — A whole category dedicated for people that really just want to chat with other like-minded people and don’t necessarily have a category they want to post in. If you want to start a thread called “who else loves this shit?” or “how’s everyone doing on this beautiful Friday?” then go for it!

The whole point behind this forum is that it’s for everyone and anyone that wants to be part of a community, but doesn’t want to limit themselves to an overly specific niche (like living in r/OSCP) or deal with the script-kiddie 13-year olds asking a shady forum like r/Hacking “how to hack neighbors Facebook pls”.

I openly invite everyone reading this to register an account for my forum and check back from time to time as it grows! Feel free to start a thread anywhere you can. I do monitor the site and I’ll respond to anything that I know how to. In the meantime, if you have a category idea please post it and I’ll get added asap.

– Dw3113r

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