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  • Dw3ll3r’s Forum Launch!

    Dw3ll3r’s Forum Launch!

    Hey all! Thanks for dropping by. I’m excited to launch my new forum here on my personal website. It can be accessed at: It’s still in its infancy, but I decided to go ahead and launch it so we can get the ball rolling. I know, there are hundreds of forums, discords, and sub-Reddits out […]

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  • OverTheWire – Bandit (Writeup)

    OverTheWire – Bandit (Writeup)

    Welcome to my site! This writeup is going to be about OverTheWire’s Bandit. OverTheWire is a website that hosts wargames that can help you learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games. According to OverTheWire, “Bandit is a wargame aimed at absolute beginners”. In my opinion, this is absolutely one of the […]

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  • DNS Zone Transfer Tutorial (Subdomain Discovery)

    DNS Zone Transfer Tutorial (Subdomain Discovery)

    Welcome! This article is going to focus on DNS Zone Transfers. I’m going use to the retired Hack The Box (HTB) machine, Cronos, for this tutorial. This is not an entire writeup on Cronos, however I will be publishing one at a later time. This is just a simple DNS Zone Transfer tutorial to show […]

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  • Basic Pentesting Cheat Sheet

    Basic Pentesting Cheat Sheet

    Hello there! After releasing my Active Directory cheat sheet I’ve had a few requests to do one that covers a broad spectrum of pentesting. So here it is! It’s not an in-depth guide, just a simple cheat sheet that shows what I personally do for my basic scanning, enumeration, and approaches to privilege escalation. This […]

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  • Active Directory Attack Cheat Sheet

    Active Directory Attack Cheat Sheet

    Do you struggle remembering the loads of different active directory attacks and enumeration vectors? Me too.. I’ll tell you a secret though: most penetration testers don’t remember everything off the top of their heads, they’re just really good at Googling things and usually have their own personal cheat sheets. Essentially, this post is mostly going […]

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  • How To Pass Your OSCP Exam (New Exam Format)

    How To Pass Your OSCP Exam (New Exam Format)

    Howdy. You’re probably reading this because you’re either taking your OSCP exam soon, just starting your journey and don’t want to waste time learning things that don’t apply to the exam, or you’re just curious to see what the 10,000th person to post a “How I Passed My OSCP Exam” article has to say. Regardless […]

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